On Ordering


Objects, materials and sizes, colori e forme possono essere indicati dal committente su ordinazione in riferimento alla propria casa e al proprio gusto. Every requirement can be paid. In questa sezione e nella GALLERIA potete trovare alcuni di esempi di oggetti che si possono realizzare su ordinazione.



It's’ possible to create custom brushes, razors and coordinated to suit your needs, razors and coordinated to suit your needs, then size of clump and/or type of razor: fusion, mach3 or safety razor, rather than the wood to be used, perhaps by combining colors or design to your environment.


The knives are constructed entirely by hand, the blades are forged from an expert craftsman collaborator, on my specific design and finished by me in matching the handles. It's’ possible to choose the type of carbon steel, or a more practical stainless steel , to the material for the realization of the handle.



The Boards can be modeled by full rather than wood assembled into blocks, held by pins or in the case of large size by bands or steel bushings, for both ad hoc kitchen tops in sizes and type of wood, or model “"strain from Butcher"” with knife block.

If you made a block non-toxic glue resistant to liquids and for contact with foodstuffs, as well as for the final rinsing of all boards made with oil. .