Cutting boards and knives

National walnut cutting board

Tagliere in legno massello di noce nazionale con cassetto a pressione push to open. The drawer contains a tray with three dedicated knives made by a skilled craftsman in n690CO stainless steel and finished with a walnut and ebony handle.
Made to order in other woods and sizes.
Total size 59cm X 42cm thick 12cm. Buy now!

American cherry wood cutting board

American Cherry Cutteing board Size 57×42 cm thick 6-8 cm about. This chopping board is made entirely by hand from a solid board, chisel-worked and polished to make every single piece unique and unrepeatable.

PEAR wood chopping board

PEAR wood chopping board, size 55×36 cm total height 12 cm. Assembled by hand with PEAR boards, the central block 9 cm is guaranteed to toe with turned thick copper pins.

Oak chopping board with deer horn handles

Oak chopping board, indicative size 60×42 cm worktop thickness 6 cm total height 10 cm. The groove on this model is larger and only on one side, the plan slightly inclined allows retrieves liquids. Also for this model two strong handles bleached deer Horn provide easy transportation. Workable in other custom wood and other measures.

Tagliere-quercia-cervo-005 Tagliere-quercia-cervo-010



Solid wood cutting board of fruit trees (Cherry-Walnut-Maple) dimensions 55x45cm height 9 cm, total height 12 cm with iron range with tie rods, combined with Santoku knife with Damascus Blade steels are made with three simple (K720-C70-15N20) blade length 26 cm, ebony and Walnut handle with guard in bronze.RS001TCRS004TCRS005TCRS006TC