Focus Shavette

Shavette da barba Focus

In collaboration with the company Focus s.r. l. the Shavette Focus is enriched with fine handles in different materials , from woods to different types of horn.

The blade holder is made entirely of aluminum, with machines such high precision through removal of material.

Only high-quality aluminium is used, resistant to wear and rubbing; further process of hardening by anodizing the surface.

All parts of the Focus shavette and mobile hook are processed and treated until they are fully precise; this is both for thicknesses and on various cutting angles, and holes and threads, everything is almost perfect.

The stainless steel pins are also made on express design and are mounted on the body of the razor with a special stick that allows an ideal calibration, getting during tightening, locking the blade between the razor body and the movable hook.

Without the blade, the hook is mobile but once inserted, creates a correct thickness that allows the tightening of both the moving part and the blade itself.

For a perfect fixation of the blade is recommended the use of whole blades broken in half; this creates a slight curvature of the ends in the breaking zone, which, Once resting on the body of the razor creates when inserting the movable hook, through slight pressure, a spring effect essential for the precise tightening of the moving part and the correct placement of the blade.

Shavette da barba Focus