Knife blocks and cutlery

Ceppo coltelli cucina in noce americano e corno

Ceppo porta coltelli in legno massello, la forma è ottagonale ed è montato su una base girevole. Completo di otto coltelli e accessori da cucina con manici in corno bovino. Collocato all’interno un ceppo più piccolo trasportabile, anch’esso ottagonale, completo di otto coltelli da bistecca con manici in corno.

Ceppo coltelli corno

Ceppo coltelli corno

Il ceppo con i coltelli da bistecca è dotato di un blocco delle lame, per il trasporto per evitare accidentali cadute.

Ceppo coltelli corno

Ceppo coltelli corno

Ceppo coltelli corno

Steak knife block

Hexagonal block in ebony wood complete with six steak knives, the blades are handmade in N690C stainless steel, silver and springbok horn handles. The sides of the log are magnetic, a handle located in the center ensures easy transport. Buy now!

ceppo coltelli da bistecca

Knife block in wenge

Magnetic swivel set in wengè composed of: -blocks with 9 kitchen knives, scissors, steel and fork.
-blocks with 6 steak knives Horn handles. Buy now!

Truffle holder

The truffle holders are made using a borosilicate glass cylinder, ideal for contact with food, made to measure. Cylinder dimensions diameter 12cm, height 10cm 5mm thickness.

Truffle holder in wenge and abaloneIMG_0410

Truffle holder in walnut and cow hornIMG_0413

Truffle holder in cherry wood and kudu hornIMG_0412

Caviar holder in wood and mother of pearl

Ebony caviar holder with Australian mother of pearl inlays

Australian mother of pearl caviar holder complete with spoon, the base made of ebony wood with inlay in Tahitian mother of pearl. Under the shell there is a nickel silver container, made to measure, to hold the ice.

Caviar holder in amaranth wood, ebony and Australian mother of pearl

Australian mother of pearl caviar holder and ice container below, complete with mother of pearl spoon from 12 cm. Base made of amaranth wood with ebony inlay. On the front a small drawer to store the spoon. Buy now!

porta caviale artigianale in legno e madreperla

Caviar holder in ebony wood, paduk and tahitian mother of pearl

Tahitian mother of pearl caviar holder with ice container below, complete with spoon. The base is made of ebony and paduk wood.

porta caviale artigianale in legno e madreperla


Focus Shavette

Shavette da barba Focus

In collaboration with the company Focus s.r. l. the Shavette Focus is enriched with fine handles in different materials , from woods to different types of horn.

The blade holder is made entirely of aluminum, with machines such high precision through removal of material.

Only high-quality aluminium is used, resistant to wear and rubbing; further process of hardening by anodizing the surface.

All parts of the Focus shavette and mobile hook are processed and treated until they are fully precise; this is both for thicknesses and on various cutting angles, and holes and threads, everything is almost perfect.

The stainless steel pins are also made on express design and are mounted on the body of the razor with a special stick that allows an ideal calibration, getting during tightening, locking the blade between the razor body and the movable hook.

Without the blade, the hook is mobile but once inserted, creates a correct thickness that allows the tightening of both the moving part and the blade itself.

For a perfect fixation of the blade is recommended the use of whole blades broken in half; this creates a slight curvature of the ends in the breaking zone, which, Once resting on the body of the razor creates when inserting the movable hook, through slight pressure, a spring effect essential for the precise tightening of the moving part and the correct placement of the blade.

Shavette da barba Focus

Cutting boards and knives

National walnut cutting board

Tagliere in legno massello di noce nazionale con cassetto a pressione push to open. The drawer contains a tray with three dedicated knives made by a skilled craftsman in n690CO stainless steel and finished with a walnut and ebony handle.
Made to order in other woods and sizes.
Total size 59cm X 42cm thick 12cm. Buy now!

American cherry wood cutting board

American Cherry Cutteing board Size 57×42 cm thick 6-8 cm about. This chopping board is made entirely by hand from a solid board, chisel-worked and polished to make every single piece unique and unrepeatable.

PEAR wood chopping board

PEAR wood chopping board, size 55×36 cm total height 12 cm. Assembled by hand with PEAR boards, the central block 9 cm is guaranteed to toe with turned thick copper pins.

Oak chopping board with deer horn handles

Oak chopping board, indicative size 60×42 cm worktop thickness 6 cm total height 10 cm. The groove on this model is larger and only on one side, the plan slightly inclined allows retrieves liquids. Also for this model two strong handles bleached deer Horn provide easy transportation. Workable in other custom wood and other measures.

Tagliere-quercia-cervo-005 Tagliere-quercia-cervo-010



Solid wood cutting board of fruit trees (Cherry-Walnut-Maple) dimensions 55x45cm height 9 cm, total height 12 cm with iron range with tie rods, combined with Santoku knife with Damascus Blade steels are made with three simple (K720-C70-15N20) blade length 26 cm, ebony and Walnut handle with guard in bronze.RS001TCRS004TCRS005TCRS006TC